Welcome to our site, and to the cultures of the imaginary !

The French term for what we do is "cultures de l'imaginaire", which translates into "cultures of the imaginary" - unless someone else finds a better way to translate it. Truth it, if I pinpointed this term fo write it on the facade of the Bar at the End of the Universe in Paris, I have no idea where this term comes from. I found it during a brainstorming session where I was trying to qualify what we are doing without using the word "geek", and it is only after a few minutes that I found this wording, though I am sure I am not its inventor.

Is there any better formulation anyone wan find ?

Anyway, I now use it to define the centers of interest that have guided my life - personal and professional. For some media, I am a "geek" or a "nerd", names I am never ashamed despite their negative connotation, though I find them too imprecise to define what I aspire to.

In any case: welcome to this site I am launching with my team at Ynnis, a holding for several companies named after one of my LARP characters I enjoyed playing very much many years ago. We will do our best to post news on this site on a regular basis, and I do write some thoughts, though I don't really guarantee they will have any interest for anyone outside.

And greetings to my sister Palaé, while I am at it.


Photo: a drawing representing me as Prince Corwin from Alex Alice made for the Trump of a LARP game in Roger Zelazny's Amber world.


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